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Editor's note: This article has been updated to reflect the nature of the assault charge filed against Blaine Reed. The charge was a felony. It had been incorrectly listed as a misdemeanor in online court documents.

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An Idaho Falls Police Department officer who was shot and killed after breaking into a Utah man’s home Thursday was on administrative leave from the department and was under criminal and internal investigation for domestic abuse for an October incident.

The Jefferson County Prosecutor’s Office filed charges against Idaho Falls officer Blaine Reed, 35, in December for attempted strangulation and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon enhancement.

A Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office detective interviewed the victim on Oct. 15. She said she went to Reed’s house in Jefferson County at 12:30 a.m. Oct. 12, and that she wanted to see him because he was “acting strange.” She said Reed told he was “not mentally okay to be at work tonight.”

The victim said she went to his house and went through his phone messages. She found he had slept with another woman he had dated sporadically. The victim said she left the house, but returned to confront Reed.

The victim said she woke Reed up and asked him to confess. She then deleted her contact info from his phone and began to leave.

Reed reportedly followed the victim to the front door, picked her up and threw her against the stairs twice, then dragged her upstairs to the bedroom.

“’When he had me on the ground, he was telling me ‘you can’t leave, you run your mouth too much, you’ll tell people,’” the victim told the detective in a later interview.

The victim said Reed held her down on the bed and had one arm on her neck and was pushing on her chest with the other arm. She said she blacked out a couple of times.

The report states the victim kicked Reed off of her.

“She stated Blaine got off the bed and grabbed, ‘his weapon from his work belt, grabbed his gun and he loaded it and told me to get on the ground,’” the report said.

Reed demanded the victim look at him, according to her statement. She said Reed then put the gun in his mouth and that she hugged him and told him to stop. Reed told the victim to let him go, and then got on top of her again. She said Reed told her “You’re not getting out of here tonight, neither of us are getting out of here tonight.”

The victim said Reed “played with” his gun for a while, then unloaded it and told her to “go ruin my life.”

The victim went to her car, but Reed followed her and grabbed her keys while she locked herself in the car. Reed tried to enter until the car alarm went off, and returned to house, leaving the keys behind.

The report states the victim’s bruises were no longer visible, but that her chiropractor had seen bruising and scratches on her neck. She went to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center to have her neck examined.

The victim reported the incident to the Idaho Falls Police Department. The department, in turn, reported the incident to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

In an interview with the detective, Reed said he had been drinking on Oct. 11 and another ex-girlfriend helped him get to bed. He said he woke up to the victim hitting him. Reed said he did not know who was attacking him, that he grabbed his weapon, before realizing it was his ex-girlfriend.

Reed said the two argued and his ex-girlfriend left the house. Reed denied choking the victim, and said he was acting in self defense after the victim surprised him. He said she should be charged with a felony for entering his house, accessing his phone and deleting information.

The victim said Reed was receiving counseling and had discussed it with her. During an interview in late November, she shared text messages Reed sent her with the Jefferson County detective in which Reed said he had “difficulties respecting women,” according to the probable cause affidavit, and was “working on his insecurities.”

Reed and the victim filed civil protection orders against each other after the fight. According to the affidavit, IFPD Sgt. Jessica Marley told the victim that Reed had checked the call log to see if she contacted police. Reed was moved to light duty at the police department on Oct. 15, then put on administrative leave on Nov. 20.

Jefferson County Prosecutor Paul Butikofer said Reed was not arrested after he was charged.

The victim said Reed had visited her place of employment. She reported the incident to Marley, who was worried Reed was trying to intimidate the victim. The affidavit states a police captain called Reed and told him to stay away from her place of employment. Marley told the detective Reed had not been on duty on Oct. 11 and Oct. 12 and had been logged as sick.

According to a news release from the Layton City, Utah, Police Department, Reed went to a home at the 300 block of West Park Avenue in Layton Thursday to confront the homeowner. The release states Reed believed the homeowner had a relationship with Reed’s ex-girlfriend.

The homeowner shot and killed Reed following a physical altercation. The release said the homeowner called 911 and is cooperating with the investigation. Layton police Lt. James Petre said the shooting appeared to be an act of self defense.

The Idaho Falls Police Department released a statement this morning that said, “We are saddened by the news of his passing and the events surrounding this tragic situation. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those involved.”

Reed had worked at the Idaho Falls Police Department since 2015. He had worked at the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office for seven years prior.

In 2016, Reed received a life saving award from the Idaho Falls City Council after he performed CPR on a man who had overdosed on heroin.

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