Idaho State Police are searching for two suspects who fled a traffic stop Thursday night, crashing into two patrol vehicles in the process.

According to a news release, the driver and passenger were in a black Dodge Avenger with a Twin Falls license plate and tinted windows. The car was damaged in the crashes, with damage on the front, back and driver’s side rear panel of the car.

The news release states a trooper was attempting to stop the car on Interstate 15. The driver initially slowed down and pulled off the freeway, but then drove back on and fled at high speeds. As the trooper pursued, the driver again left the interstate at Exit 113 onto West 65th South, then drove to South 45th West and W. 33rd South.

A second state trooper attempted to stop the suspects by intercepting them. According to the news release, the suspects drove into the second trooper’s car, knocking it off the road and leaving the trooper unable to continue the pursuit.

The suspects then drove back, head-on toward the trooper pursuing them. The trooper attempted a PIT maneuver. The cars crashed into each other, according to the news release.

The suspects then reportedly drove into a populated area. The trooper ended the pursuit due to the risk chasing them could pose. The suspects, both of whom were male, were last seen driving east on W. Sunnyside Road at 11 p.m.

Anyone with information can contact Idaho State Police at 208-528-3450.