Charles Miller


An Idaho Falls man was arrested Thursday morning after he reportedly admitted to abusing his 4-month-old child.

According to a news release from the Idaho Falls Police Department, 33-year-old Charles Miller admitted to twice throwing the victim on a bed, causing injuries that later led to the victim's hospitalization.

The infant was taken to the Idaho Falls Community Hospital on Jan. 6 after falling off of Miller's lap. The doctors determined the victim had a brain bleed, and the victim was transported to Primary Children's Hospital in Utah.

The doctors determined the victim's injury was unlikely due to a fall. The victim had bilateral subdural hematomas, collections of blood outside of the brain, that appeared to be several weeks old. The victim also had retinal hemorrhages in both eyes that appeared to have been caused recently, according to the news release.

The doctors concluded the injuries were likely caused by two separate incidents of abuse to the victim's head.

Miller confessed when questioned about the victim's injuries. He said he first threw the infant on the bed around Thanksgiving, then again on Jan. 6.

The Idaho Falls Police Department is recommending Miller be charged with two counts of felony injury to a child.