BOISE — For the fifth time in three months, a judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of the former chairman of the Idaho Republican Party.

Jonathan Parker, 39, was first arrested in May on suspicion of first-degree stalking. Police and prosecutors say he hid in the bushes outside his estranged wife’s apartment, wearing a wig and fondling himself. The alleged action violated a no-contact order in place against Parker.

He posted an $80,000 bond on May 31, the same day as his initial appearance in court.

Then, in June, Parker was arrested in court after a hearing in the first case. In the new case, he faces one count of trespass of privacy, a misdemeanor. He posted a $1,500 bond shortly after his arrest.

Prosecutors filed their third criminal complaint against Parker on June 20, this time accusing him of misdemeanor unlawful entry. Police and prosecutors say in April he entered a woman’s home where he’d been staying before. She had given him a key, according to court documents filed July 15, and then asked him to return it. According to prosecutors, he’d made a copy of it, however.

On April 26, he entered her home through the front door, according to the motion. She called police before she knew who had entered her house, but saw him leave the house and get in his car while she was on the phone with them.

He later admitted to her he was the person who had entered her home, according to the court documents.

Parker, though, was never arrested as a result of that third complaint — a judge earlier this month granted a motion to quash the arrest warrant. It was not served.

The day after the judge quashed the warrant, on July 10, police took a report that Parker texted his estranged wife, thus violating the protection order in the first case. Prosecutors filed a motion to revoke or increase bond in that case.

“The substance of those (text messages) is he referenced some medical issues he allegedly has — the victim is not aware of those or whether they’re accurate — and then asking for photographs of his daughter,” Dan Dinger, the case’s prosecutor, said at a hearing Wednesday morning.

It was enough for Magistrate Judge David Manweiler to grant the prosecutor’s motion for a revocation of Parker’s bond. Manweiler issued a no-bond warrant for Parker’s arrest.

Parker is scheduled to appear in court on three different court dates. His next appearance in the trespass of privacy case is Monday. He is scheduled to appear in court in the felony stalking case Aug. 16, and has a court date scheduled in the unlawful entry case for Aug. 20.

Parker formerly served as the director of government affairs for the Holland & Hart law firm. He was elected chairman of the Idaho GOP in 2017 and resigned in February.