The victim from a recent shooting incident, Michael A. Ephram of Idaho Falls, age 23, died on Saturday from the injuries sustained in the shooting incident.

The circumstances of the event involved two separate parties shooting guns near 75 West in the area of the old National Guard Training Range. Both parties were target shooting in slightly different areas a few hundred feet apart. Ephram was outside the vehicle and was struck in the head with a bullet and did not regain consciousness. Rounds also struck the vehicle that Ephram and his companions were in.

The individual that fired the rounds that struck Ephram and the related vehicle has been cooperative in the investigation and has been in contact with detectives. The preliminary investigation indicates that the incident was not intentional. The Bonneville County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has been consulted and will review the case when it is completed.

This case is still an active investigation and Bonneville Detectives are processing the evidence, and continuing with related interviews and details.