Dennison Stone


A New York man was sentenced Tuesday for his role in a multi-state theft ring that stole high priced items and sold them online.

Dennison Stone, 51, was previously charged under the alias Robert Montgomery. He was sentenced to a minimum of a year-and-a-half in prison with an indeterminate period of three-and-a-half years. He was given credit for the time he has already served.

Stone and Janae Maxey, 22 were stopped for speeding by a Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office deputy in July 2018. During the stop, the deputy was informed the rental car used by the pair matched a vehicle connected to several burglaries in Utah.

According to the probable cause affidavit, two suspects matching Stone and Maxey’s description were suspected of stealing electronics and binoculars in Utah. A then-recent burglary at Cabela’s in Ammon reported similar thefts.

The stolen items were found in the rental car, with a combined estimated value of $24,500. Stone’s plea agreement included charges of burglary and grand theft, while a second grand theft charge and a drug possession charge were dismissed.

The Bonneville County Prosecutor’s Office had agreed in a plea deal to recommend probation for Stone. Deputy Prosecutor Russell Spencer said his office did not consider itself bound by the agreement. According to Spencer, Stone was released from jail as part of the agreement and allowed to travel to Georgia. He reportedly failed to comply with pretrial services, however, and was located in Utah.

Spencer argued that the organized effort to steal and sell expensive items amounted to a crime more serious than a typical burglary.

Defense Attorney Neal Randall pointed out Stone had been successful on probation in New York, and that though he had a criminal record, that record had stopped in 2006 until he was arrested for the thefts.

District Judge Joel Tingey determined a prison sentence was more appropriate. He gave Stone credit toward his sentence for the 10 months he had already served.

Maxey’s case has been inactive since August 2018, when she failed to appear for her preliminary hearing after posting bond. A warrant was issued for her arrest.