Idaho Falls Police Department officer involved shooting

Idaho Falls Chief of Police Bryan Johnson addresses members of the media during a press conference on Monday, Oct. 21, 2019. Johnson said three Idaho Falls Police officers fired into the unidentified, suicidal man’s car late Friday night when he raised his weapon.

The Eastern Idaho Critical Incident Task Force has turned in its investigation of October’s officer-involved shooting.

Malachii “Mac” Alexander Crane, also known as Phillip Rudd, was killed Oct. 18 after he reportedly pointed a gun in the direction of officers. Idaho Falls Police Department Chief Bryce Johnson said in a news conference after the shooting the officers were responding to reports of a suicidal man with a gun.

Six officers responded to the call. Three officers who fired at Crane were placed on paid administrative leave after the incident; Sgt. Jed Lewis and officers Corey Sato and Stetson Belnap.

Idaho State Police Public Information Officer Tecia Ferguson confirmed the Idaho State Police, which was leading the investigation into Crane’s death, had forwarded the case. The report is being reviewed by Jefferson County Prosecutor Paul Butikofer.

Bonneville County Prosecutor Daniel Clark said he received the report two months ago, but that Butikofer would handle the review and make a decision on the case.

Butikofer can file charges against the officers if he determines their actions were unjustified, or close the case if he determines they acted appropriately.

In 2018, the Twin Falls County Prosecutor’s Office reviewed an investigation of the officer-involved shooting of Shane McVey. The prosecutor determined the Idaho Falls officer acted appropriately after the investigation found McVey had charged the officer with pepper spray and had previously threatened to commit suicide by cop.

The Bonneville County Prosecutor’s Office reviewed the officer-involved shooting of Jesse Quinton in 2019. Clark determined the shooting was justified after evidence showed Quinton attempted to strangle the Idaho State Police trooper, and that the trooper had made several attempts to free himself before using his gun.

. Butikofer did not return a request for comment.