The Idaho Falls Police Department is investigating a shooting that occurred during a reported road rage incident Friday morning on Woodruff Avenue.

Police responded around 4 a.m. According to the news release, the caller said they were driving on North Woodruff Avenue when another car attempted to force them off the road. The news release states the two cars stopped on Bentley Way and the driver of the car that attempted to run them off the road shot twice at the victim, hitting him once.

The victim was taken to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center for the injury, which was determined to not be life-threatening.

Police are asking any businesses or residents in the area to check security camera footage for a recording of the incident or that may otherwise relate to the incident.

Police say the victim and the two passengers who were in the car at the time have given conflicting statements and are refusing to cooperate with the investigation. Police believe the shooter was known to the victim.

Anyone with information can contact IFPD at 208-529-1200.