Rexburg man admits to stealing nearly $80,000 from employer


REXBURG — A Rexburg man has been charged with one count of grand theft and nine counts of forgery after he reportedly stole nearly $80,000 from his employer.

According to police reports Brice David Meyers, 38, forged checks, increased his wages and took extra money for reimbursements while working for Mountain West Mechanical for nearly two years.

“He gave himself raises by submitting false overtime hours, and/or by making personal purchases using the company’s credit card and/or by charging personal purchases to the company account and/or by seeing reimbursements two times for the same purchases made for the company over (an) aggregated total of $1,000,” reads the police report.

Police believe the thefts took place from March 15, 2016 to Jan. 31, 2018. Mountain West Mechanical co-owner Bill Hill reported that Meyers had originally been paid $20 an hour but three months after being hired, Meyers gave himself a $5 raise.

“He also gave himself two more $1 an hour raises, and, at one point, was paying himself $27 an hour. Brian also explained Brice was also giving himself approximately five hours of overtime per week. Brian Hill said that Brice seldom worked 40 hours a week and did not work any overtime,” police said in their report.

The raises and overtime Meyers allegedly gave himself totaled around $29,054.22.

Company officials noted the change in Meyers’ pay while reviewing his W-2 form.

“(It) was higher than it should have been. Because of what was found with payroll, these discrepancies led them to asking questions and investigating into other paper work,” the police reported.

The police reports also indicated that the company gave Meyers a credit card to buy office supplies. Officials at the company later discovered that Meyers had allegedly used the credit card for personal use. Those purchases equaled $23,416.98.

According to court records, Meyers admitted to the purchases.

Officers also noted that several checks written by Meyers and forged with Hill’s name totaled $19,389.62.Police also reported that, whenever Meyers asked for reimbursements on items, he purchased for the company, that he had “made back a little bit extra on top.”

The company told Meyers it preferred not to charge him criminally and gave him two weeks to come up with a way to pay Mountain West Mechanical back. Meyers suggested selling his home, but it wasn’t clear what happened to those plans.

Meyers apologized to the company.

“I knew it was wrong. I will give you the cash. I did this, and I owe you,” he said.

Meyers is scheduled to appear before Judge Greg Moeller for an arraignment at 9 a.m., Sept. 10 at the Madison County Courthouse.


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