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A Rexburg man has been charged with rape after a teen girl reported she was sexually assaulted. 

The victim reported Alonzo Padilla, 18, raped her multiple times in June 2019, when she was 15 years old and he was 16. 

According to the probable cause affidavit, a DNA test performed from samples recovered the day after the rape reportedly occurred, as well as samples of Padilla's DNA obtained via a search warrant, found a match. The affidavit states the chance the DNA sample belonged to another individual was one in 139 octillion. 

The victim told an Idaho Falls Police Department detective she had planned to meet Padilla for a movie date the night of the incident. She said her mother and her mother's boyfriend asked to meet him before the date. 

According to the victim, Padilla was agitated by the request. She said that during the meeting, he gave his last name as "Perez." 

When they arrived at the theater parking lot in Idaho Falls, Padilla reportedly started touching the victim and attempting to undress her, despite her telling him "no."

The victim said Padilla then raped her. She first said she blacked out during the rape, but later clarified she may have been conscious, but dazed.

Padilla reportedly drove the victim to another location after the rape. The affidavit describes two more incidents of rape the victim reported. At one point, Padilla received a phone call and told the victim to be quiet while he answered it. The victim said he raped her a fourth time because she was not quiet.

The victim told the detective Padilla threatened to chase her if she tried to run home. He reportedly expressed concern her mother's boyfriend would look up the movie schedule at the theater. He then took the victim home and reportedly told her that if she told anyone what had happened, she would have to "be careful." 

The affidavit states the victim suffered bruising and bleeding as a result of the sexual assault. She told her mother the next day, who took her to a hospital so a rape kit could be produced. 

The victim was not sure how much time had passed during the incident. Her mother told police the victim had been gone for about an hour before returning home. 

The detective attempted to contact Padilla via his mother. He received a call from Padilla stating Padilla had hired an attorney and would not answer questions. 

A case was filed against Padilla in October. He was arrested before posting a $100,000 bond for release. Padilla was still a juvenile at the time of his arrest, but was charged as an adult. 

A preliminary hearing was held on Dec. 15, after which Magistrate Judge Michelle Mallard bound Padilla over to district court. 

A no-contact order was issued between Padilla and the victim. A pretrial conference is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. June 7 in Bonneville District Court.