Cody Nelson


A Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office report states a man endangered his children by daring a deputy to shoot him while his children were in a vehicle with him.

The sheriff’s office was attempting to arrest Cody Nelson, 31, for hunting without a license.

The report states the deputy approached Nelson after seeing him in a van parked on John Adams Parkway. Nelson and his family were preparing to tow a truck. The deputy said he needed to speak with Nelson and asked him to step out of the car.

Nelson moved from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat and started the car. The deputy reported he drew his gun and yelled again for Nelson to turn off the car and exit the vehicle. The report states Nelson then yelled, “Kids are in the car, pull the (expletive) trigger!”

Nelson then fled while the deputy reported the situation over the radio. Nelson left his wife and oldest son behind when he fled. The report states Nelson’s wife, Stacy Nelson, had unhooked the truck from the van while the deputy was asking Cody Nelson to exit the car.

The deputy attempted to pursue Cody Nelson, but stopped after seeing Nelson almost go off the road. He returned to John Adams Parkway to find Stacy Nelson and her son were gone.

The deputy wrote in his report that Cody Nelson’s dare for him to pull the trigger and his reckless driving were probable cause for a charge of felony injury to a child, writing that Nelson had used his children as shields.

A second deputy’s report states Stacy Nelson flagged him down some time after the chase began. She told the deputy her husband had five kids in the car. A relative of Stacy’s was also present and said Cody Nelson may be at his apartment on 17th Street.

The deputies called Cody Nelson with his wife present, telling him he needed to turn himself in. Nelson said he would turn himself in on Dec. 26 because he wanted to be with his kids for Christmas. The deputies told him that was not an option.

Cody Nelson was arrested on Jan. 1 as he was exiting the Ammon Walmart. Cody Nelson was charged with felony injury to a child, punishable with up to 10 years in prison and attempting to elude an officer, punishable with up to five years in prison. His bond was set at $30,000.

Stacy Nelson was charged with accessory to a felony, punishable with up to five years in prison. She was released to pretrial services.

Both have preliminary hearings scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Wednesday in Bonneville County Courthouse.

Reporter Johnathan Hogan can be reached at 208-542-6746.

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