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A registered nurse and a licensed practical nurse from Mountain View Hospital talk to students Monday evening at Hillcrest High School.

Some Hillcrest High School students received insight on the medical profession Monday evening in Hillcrest’s library with close to 75 students participating in an open house career fair.

The event, which was presented in partnership with Mountain View Hospital, allowed students to try on operating room gowns and look at DNA samples to learn about 12 different specialties within the medical field.

Students received hands-on examples of how to work an automated external defibrillator and perform CPR before receiving pamphlets of information on how to get into specific portions of the medical field they may be interested in.

Some pamphlets included phone numbers of Idaho State University clinical assistant professors in medical laboratory science as well as college courses to take in the future.

“The genesis of this is we are working with our students to prepare them for after school and graduation,” Hillcrest College and Career Adviser Jessica Butler said.

Nearly 50 Mountain View employees participated in the event, Mountain View Hospital Human Resources Manager Lisa Barkow said.

It was the first time Mountain View Hospital and Hillcrest had partnered to host the event.

“We are very excited and grateful that our employees wanted to do it,” Barkow said. “They were really excited when we mentioned (the event) in our manager meetings.”

Caleb Martin, a junior at Hillcrest High School, said he enjoyed the event because of the diverse presentations. Martin said he eventually wants to be a medical lab assistant due to his love for chemistry and science.

“There seems like endless opportunities,” Martin said. “There’s something for everybody. I feel like I wouldn’t work a day in my life.”

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