For the first time in nearly two decades, Bonneville Joint School District 93 will have a new superintendent.

Scott Woolstenhulme was announced as District 93’s superintendent during Wednesday night’s board meeting.

Woolstenhulme replaces Chuck Shackett, who has been District 93’s superintendent since 2001, as the district’s eighth superintendent. Shackett announced his retirement Aug. 7, 2018 and will remain with the district as a consultant for Woolstenhulme until Aug. 31.

Woolstenhulme, who will assume his new role at the end of the school year, currently makes $136,143 as the district’s assistant superintendent.

“I truly am grateful for the trust of the board and the community and will do everything I can to work as hard as I can to keep that trust,” said Woolstenhulme, who received applause after the unanimous decision was announced.

The finalists included Woolstenhulme and Jon Abrams, the superintendent of Laramie County School District 2 in Pine Bluffs, Wyo.

Abrams was previously Shelley School District’s superintendent.

Abrams and Shackett did not attend Wednesday’s meeting.

Trustee Amy Landers said the board analyzed style of leadership, student achievement, their relationship with the board and trust with both candidates before making a decision.

The board had been contemplating Shackett’s successor since he announced his retirement in August, Greg Calder said.

“Both candidates won the hearts of patrons,” trustee Chad Dance said.

Woolstenhulme will take over as superintendent of one of the largest and fastest-growing school districts in Idaho.

District 93 has gained about 3,000 students since 2008 and is expected to have 15,000 students by 2025. District 93’s enrollment was 12,895 as of Jan. 11.

District 93 is the fourth largest school district in Idaho.

“One of the things that kept surfacing from both candidates was their love for children and really, that’s what we’re all about,” board chairman Paul Jenkins said.

The next District 93 board meeting will be March 13.

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