Heather Webb

Heather Webb, Taylor's Crossing Public Charter School

Name: Heather Webb

Position: High school social studies teacher at Taylor’s Crossing Public Charter School

Years experience: Fourth year at Taylor’s Crossing, seven years in eastern Idaho

What made you want to become a teacher?

My desire to be a teacher can be traced back to Linden Park Elementary School. I loved my teachers there, and especially loved Mrs. Benedick’s third grade class. She created such a positive environment… I was also the kid who came home from school and “played school.” I had my desk, chalkboard and some of my teachers gave me their old edition answer keys.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at a charter high school?

One thing I love about teaching at a charter school is being able to know each one of my students individually. Most of the students take more than just one of my classes, so I get to see them frequently and try to build good relationships. I like the variety of classes I teach. Although it requires more preparation on my part, it’s rare that I get bored with what I’m teaching because of the variety.

How have you and your students adapted to the coronavirus restrictions this school year?

We have a new administrator this year (Seth Boyle), and he has done a fantastic job at leading our school through this craziness. Our administration and our board have been very supportive of the teacher and student needs so we could get back in the classroom. The students have definitely missed out on some school sponsored activities, but most students have told me on many occasions how grateful they are to be in school and not online.

How has your approach to technology in your classes changed?

I’m still very much a believer in pen and paper, but I incorporate technology as needed for assignments, projects, presentations and other work. Taylor’s high school has a one-to-one ratio of students to laptops, so accessing computers is never an issue.

Assuming the next school year is closer to normal, what are you most excited to do again?

I would love to see more activities and field trips take place. In our high school, we’ve set up a system to reward students for good academics and behavior. At the end of each quarter, we’ve taken those who qualified to different activities like bowling or movies. We haven’t been able to do that this year.

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