Kim Butterfield

Kim Butterfield

Name: Kim Butterfield

Position: Title 1 kindergarten teacher at Bridgewater Elementary School

Years experience: Fifth year as a teacher at Bridgewater, three years as an aide at Bridgewater before that

What do you enjoy the most about being a teacher?

I love kindergarten because they make such huge growth at this age and because they love school. Kindergarten really is the best year of all!

Bridgewater has a high number of Hispanic and Latino students. How does that affect what you do in your class?

The curriculum I use supports our higher student population that are (English language) learners. My students are encouraged to talk and communicate to encourage language acquisition. I try to have a lot of visual tools and vocabulary explanation, as this will also aide my ESL learners as well.

Has the creation of the Idaho Reading Indicator changed how you teach reading to your students?

The new testing for kindergarten has reshaped what I do. There was always a curve toward teaching some beginning reading skills before the new testing; however, now the goal is to have all kindergartners with strong reading skills so they are ready for first grade.

How do you feel about the effort to expand all-day kindergarten to schools across Idaho?

I am a huge proponent of all-day kindergarten. We so badly need for our kindergartners to all experience the benefits of all-day kindergarten; I see the positives of it every day I come to work.

What is the best advice you received about your job?

The best advice I ever received about teaching is to enjoy the kids, and I do. I love them. They are the reason I come in every day!

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