Peggy Green

CEI instructor Peggy Green

Name: Peggy Green

Position: Accounting professor at College of Eastern Idaho

Years experience: Starting fifth year of teaching in January

What made you want to become a teacher?

The opportunity to share my love for the accounting profession motivated me to change my vocational focus. When I started working at Eastern Idaho Technical College I was the accounting program manager. Now CEI has transitioned to offering a technical degree in Business Management, and I am focusing on the business pathway.

How was the most recent semester, which ended earlier this month?

Several of my students went through family and medical crises and kept hanging in there. I saw hard work and rewards from studying and perseverance that influences me to want to be the best that I can be. This semester my students were a great example of what good hardworking people we have living in our area.

How does this college compare to where you went to college?

Having a community college available gives more options than I had when I went through school. I went to Idaho State University, Brigham Young University-Idaho and graduated with my MBA from ISU. Being a community college provides a warm, affordable, small-school environment that enables students to receive an education by taking a class at a time through workforce training.

College of Eastern Idaho has a wide variety of students. How do you keep them all interested in your accounting classes?

My experience in public accounting flows into the classroom so they can see the effect their knowledge will have on those they will serve in the future. Many share how they have answered their friends’ questions after studying chapters on business formation, filling out a W-4 etc… This reinforces regularly how important a business background is in industry.

Do you still do accounting work outside of your classes?

Yes, I do consulting, bookkeeping, payrolls and taxes on a small scale. This allows me to keep up on current conditions within the industry and bring experiences into the classroom on a regular basis.

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