WASHINGTON (AP) — A bipartisan group of senators is eyeing an infrastructure deal with $579 billion in new spending as negotiators try to strike a nearly $1 trillion deal on President Joe Biden’s top priority, according to those briefed on the plan.

SALT LAKE CITY — Sex therapist Lisa Butterworth has long been willing to delve into sensitive sexuality questions with clients who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They seek her out to have open and frank conversations about the faith’s strict rules.

BILLINGS, Mont. — President Joe Biden’s nominee to oversee vast expanses of U.S. public lands was criticized Tuesday by Republicans over her past involvement in partisan politics as a longtime Democratic aide and environmentalist, underscoring the importance lawmakers assign to a relatively …

BOISE (AP) — The dream world for Idaho’s ascendant far right is one where state lawmakers run a sovereign nation-state free of federal oversight. It would be a place where they can outlaw all abortions, dictate what is taught in schools, have complete say over public health rules and gun law…

TULSA, Okla. — President Joe Biden led a remembrance Tuesday of one of the nation’s darkest — and long suppressed — moments of racial violence, marking the 100th anniversary of the destruction of a thriving Black community in Tulsa.

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BOISE — House Speaker Scott Bedke announced his candidacy for lieutenant governor Thursday morning in the Capitol rotunda, surrounded by supporters along with a few hecklers waving hand-written “Priscilla Giddings” signs.

BOISE — At the request of legislative leaders, the Idaho Supreme Court has agreed to allow the Legislature to intervene as a party in two lawsuits challenging a restrictive new voter initiative law, which means the taxpayers will pay for two separate legal teams to defend the same law in each case.

The nation’s lead nuclear energyresearch laboratory supported thousands of jobs last year, remaining a key player in Idaho’s economy as private operations injected nearly $2.9 billion into the state’s GDP, according to a report released last week.

CALDWELL — The quickly growing southwestern Idaho city of Caldwell is stopping all new residential development for four months because city leaders say a new property tax law could put its citizens in “imminent peril” by straining public safety service. Officials say other cities are conside…

BOISE — As the minutes were dwindling away Wednesday on what was expected to be the Legislature's last day of this year's session, Rep. Ilana Rubel, D-Boise, gave an impassioned speech on the House floor, pleading with her colleagues to pass one more bill. 

BOISE — Republican and Democratic lawmakers on Thursday offered differing views on the outcomes of Idaho's longest ever legislative session after lawmakers grappled with challenges brought on by fast growth and an influx of new residents straining roads, schools and tax fairness policy.

BOISE — Reclaim Idaho and the Committee to Protect and Preserve the Idaho Constitution have filed suit in the Idaho Supreme Court to declare SB 1110, which sharply increases the hurdles to qualify any voter initiative or referendum for the Idaho ballot, unconstitutional.

The drama in Idaho’s 6th Legislative District continued Tuesday, amid allegations that one of the candidates nominated to replace former Lewiston Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger might be a closet Democrat.

BOISE — More than 100 Idaho child care providers and parents, many with babies, toddlers or young children in tow, filled three levels of the Capitol rotunda Monday, plus assembling with strollers on the Capitol steps, to call for legislators to approve $99 million in federal aid to the stat…

BOISE — An Idaho Senate panel on Monday rejected legislation intended to give Idaho lawmakers veto power over decisions by the federal government and courts, with lawmakers citing its potential violation of the Idaho and U.S. constitutions.

BOISE — There once was a time when Democrats had power — real power — in Idaho. That time was not so long ago. For years until 1960, Idaho Democrats controlled the Legislature. From 1971 to 1995, Idaho had Democratic governors. The last great year for the Idaho Democratic Party was 1991 when…

BOISE — An Idaho lawmaker facing rape allegations from a 19-year-old intern refused to answer questions during a legislative ethics hearing Wednesday about what happened inside his apartment, where she said she was sexually assaulted. He declined to do so after his attorney told him to invok…

BOISE — The Idaho House on Tuesday rejected $40.3 million in federal COVID aid funds for voluntary COVID-19 testing in both public and private schools next year, with opponents decrying testing as unneeded and one even claiming falsely that children can’t carry the COVID-19 virus.

BOISE — Controversial legislation aimed at easing some House Republicans’ fears that students are being indoctrinated as leftists in Idaho’s public schools and colleges rocketed through the Senate on Monday, clearing both a committee and the full Senate in a single afternoon.

BOISE — On Sunday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted a Fox News graphic titled “Biden’s Climate Requirements.” The graphic said Biden’s climate plan would “cut 90% of red meat from diet,” allow Americans a maximum of “4 lbs per year” and “one burger per month.”

BOISE — On Monday, the Senate Education Committee voted 6-3 in favor of HB 377. The bill is intended to combat fears of critical race theory indoctrination in classrooms. Immediately afterward, more than 100 Idaho students, ranging from middle schoolers to seniors in college, gathered on the…

BOISE — The Idaho House of Representatives voted 40-28 in favor of increasing snowmobile fees Monday. Having already been passed by the Senate, HB229a will now head to the governor for a signature. This amended version raised fees higher than the previous version of the bill.

JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) — Colleen Marzluff whistled to her ornithologist husband, John, as he was looking for a raven nest in a string of trees on the low southern flank of Yellowstone’s Bison Peak.