BOISE — The House voted Friday to kill a bill to improve failing schools that was backed by the chairmen of both education committees.

BOISE — One morning in mid-March, Sen. Dave Lent’s day at the started with a quick meeting in his office with his Senate Education Committee colleague Steve Thayn.

BOISE — A bill to add work requirements and other restrictions to the Medicaid expansion voters approved in November passed the Idaho House 45-25 Thursday.

BOISE — A bill that will save millions in taxes for multinational companies that do business in Idaho by aligning the state’s taxes on foreign corporate income with the 2017 federal tax cut flew through the Idaho House on Wednesday.

BOISE — Despite significant testimony against a bill that would make it much harder to qualify an initiative or referendum for the Idaho ballot, the bill is now headed to the Senate for amendments amid concerns over a potential flaw.

BOISE — A bill to put some regulations on Idaho bail enforcement agents for the first time is headed to the House floor.

BOISE — A Senate committee voted Monday to block a bill that would have required child protective services workers to inform parents of their legal rights before interviewing them.

The Statehouse is abuzz this morning, after eight Republicans failed to show up for this morning’s House Education Committee meeting — denying the committee a quorum, as it was set to introduce yet another version of a school funding formula bill from its chairman, Rep. Lance Clow, R-Twin Fa…

BOISE — A bill to extend a program that puts some surplus state money into road maintenance is headed to the Senate floor.

BOISE — A bill to create tax-deductible savings account for first-time homebuyers was introduced into the Idaho Legislature on Wednesday.

BOISE — House Speaker Scott Bedke said there are not enough votes to repeal Proposition 2 — the Medicaid expansion that 61 percent of voters passed in November — nor are there enough to pass a version with work requirements or a version without them.

BOISE — A bill to boost starting teacher pay in Idaho to $40,000 a year over the next two years is heading to Gov. Brad Little’s desk.

BOISE — The Idaho House voted 38-30 Tuesday to reject a bill that would have made it optional, rather than required, for counties to have plans governing land use in unincorporated areas.

BOISE — A bill that would boost the amount of sales tax money that goes into paying for roads could see a major change in the Senate.

BOISE — Some members of the House Judiciary committee fired the first salvo Thursday in what could be a battle with the Senate over Idaho’s mandatory minimum sentencing law.

BOISE — A bill to require parents to actively opt their children into sex education passed the Idaho House on a party-line vote Wednesday.

BOISE — A hearing has been set for Friday morning on a bill to seek a federal waiver to add work requirements to Medicaid expansion and put other restrictions on the program.

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BOISE — A bill to reduce the number of times public notices need to appear in print and also require them to be posted online is on hold for the year.

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BOISE — The House State Affairs Committee is expected to vote Tuesday on a bill that would reduce the number of times public notices need to be published in a newspaper and move more of them online.

BOISE — A bill has been introduced to put work requirements on Medicaid expansion enrollees and other limits on voter-approved Medicaid expansion.