The Idaho Falls City Council has approved an agreement to turn over on-street parking enforcement downtown to the Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation.

The Development Corporation leases the downtown parking lots from the city and has enforced parking regulations in them for years. This change will turn enforcement of on-street parking rules to them as well, instead of the Idaho Falls Police Department.

The Council voted unanimously Thursday night to approve some changes to city code to allow an outside agent to handle parking enforcement, then approved a memorandum of understanding with the Development Corporation.

The Council also unanimously approved an agreement to have IF-1, the company that owns the Broadway parking garage, enforce parking regulations both in the underground garage and the surface parking lot at the site. The building is still under warranty, and Community Development Services Director Brad Cramer said putting another entity in charge of parking enforcement there could lead to confusion if something were to happen. Cramer said city staff would revisit the agreement a year from now.

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