Idaho Falls Experience

A photo of the “Idaho Falls Experience” app, which is meant to help visitors find their way around the city.

Are you visiting Idaho Falls and looking for something to do or someplace to eat? There’s an app for that, in four languages no less.

The city of Idaho Falls just rolled out the “Idaho Falls Experience” app, which was created as a collaboration between the city and Liiingo Corporation. It features information about places to visit in Idaho Falls such as downtown attractions, the Museum of Idaho and various arts and culture offerings, as well as lodging, restaurants, transportation, places to rent a car, the Idaho Falls Regional Airport and other things that would be of interest to visitors. It is available in English, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, with the languages chosen being ones that are commonly used by tourists visiting eastern Idaho.

“It’s all-inclusive of things to do, places to visit, and also the amenities that Idaho Falls has to offer,” said Dana Briggs, the city’s economic development coordinator. Briggs was heavily involved in the app’s creation.

Briggs said she hopes the app will help visitors discover what Idaho Falls has to offer and help people come and stay.

Mayor Rebecca Casper said she hopes the app will help visitors get to know the city better and strengthen cultural ties.

“The Japanese translations will enhance our Sister Cities relationship with the people of Tokai-mura, Japan,” she said in a statement. “The Chinese translations will aid the many Chinese tourists who want to explore more, but who have been limited by language barriers. And the English and Spanish interpretation tools will provide easy access to places in Idaho Falls that might otherwise go undiscovered as people get off the beaten path and explore. Liiingo is wonderful.”

The city has a $5,500, three-year contract with Liiingo for the app.

“The city of Idaho Falls is a leader in how communities leverage new technologies to provide a more memorable experience for visitors,” Liiingo Corporation said in a statement. “Liiingo is about making the most of the moment, and we are excited to partner with Idaho Falls to promote and enhance this incredible community.”

Over the course of December, Briggs said, QR codes people can scan to download the app will be put up in places such as the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce, the Eastern Idaho Visitor Information Center, and at hotels, in the windows of downtown businesses and on business cards that will be given to businesses in the city. Or, people can go to the app store on a smartphone and download it there.

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