The city of Idaho Falls is planning to start a glass recycling program.

The City Council plans to vote Thursday on a contract with the Utah-based Momentum Recycling to add receptacles for glass bottles at the city’s 13 recycling collection locations.

The program is expected to cost about $38,000 to start, Public Works Director Chris Fredericksen told the City Council on Monday. This includes the cost of the collection containers, signs and building a receiving pad on Hemmert Drive, said city spokeswoman Kerry Hammon. Most of that cost would would be covered by $30,000 the city has in a U.S. Department of Energy grant. It would cost about $1,800 a month to run after that.

“We have received requests from city residents over the years to offer some sort of glass recycling option,” Hammon said. “City residents are already accustomed to bringing their recycled goods to the 13 different sites, so adding an additional glass receptacle next to those sites makes sense.”

The city would collect the glass and haul it to a receiving pad on Hemmert Avenue until there are 40 tons, or a full truckload, ready for pickup. The glass that is collected will be shipped to Utah, where most of it will end up being reused to make fiberglass, said John Lair, head of Momentum Recycling. The proposed contract would either have Momentum pay to transport the glass out of Idaho Falls or, if the city handles transportation, Momentum would pay the city $25 a ton.

The city of Pocatello also started to recycle glass with Momentum earlier this year.

Idaho Falls also plans to start a push encouraging more residents to recycle. At Monday’s meeting Fredericksen showed the Council three different versions of an online commercial the city plans to post online and share on social media to promote recycling.

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