The city of Idaho Falls plans to hold a public meeting Wednesday to talk to residents about the striping of part of South Boulevard.

The city changed the striping of the busy street between Sunnyside Road and 17th Street last year, adding a center turn lane and bicycle lanes and getting rid of on-street parking. Some residents opposed the changes, with the loss of parking in particular one of their major concerns.

“This meeting is an opportunity to have a conversation with residents about how they feel the changes have impacted traffic flow as well as pedestrian and bicycle travel over the past year,” City Engineer Kent Fugal said in a statement. “We want input that will help us make sure that our ongoing studies this summer address issues that residents may have observed,” adds Fugal.

Public Works plans to study vehicle speed, vehicle and bicycle volume and traffic incidents associated with the changes over the summer and present the results at another public meeting Aug. 15.

Wednesday’s meeting will go from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Maeck Education Center at the Idaho Falls Zoo. People who want to provide input but can’t make it can call public works at 208-612-8250 or email