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Each year, contractors at the U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory site reduce operations between Christmas and New Year's Day due to fewer holiday staffing needs and to save energy costs.

The curtailment is unrelated to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Operating schedules for the site's contractors are as follows:

• Department of Energy, Idaho Operations Office: The Department of Energy (DOE) Idaho Operations Office oversees all operations at the INL Site. DOE-ID offices will remain open through the holiday period.

• INL/Battelle Energy Alliance: INL offices will be closed Friday through Jan. 3. Essential functions such as operation of the Advanced Test Reactor will carry on throughout this period.

• Idaho Cleanup Project (ICP)/Fluor Idaho: Fluor Idaho offices will be closed Saturday through Dec. 31, which is also the end of Fluor Idaho’s contract period of performance. Essential operations such as the management of stored wastes and surveillance of its facilities will carry on throughout this period.

• ICP/Idaho Environmental Coalition (IEC): As the follow-on ICP contractor, IEC will take over operations on Jan. 1. Essential operations and surveillances described above will carry on throughout this period. All ICP employees will return to work on Jan. 3.

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