BOISE — One morning in mid-March, Sen. Dave Lent’s day at the started with a quick meeting in his office with his Senate Education Committee colleague Steve Thayn.

BOISE — After a hearing that was a marked contrast to all previous hearings held this session on the matter, the Senate Health & Welfare Committee on Thursday voted 5-4 in favor of SB 1204, Sen. Fred Martin’s compromise Medicaid expansion “sideboards” bill. Unlike previous proposals, thi…

BOISE — After watching a video of a gender reveal gone wrong, in which an exploding target quickly ignited a wildfire, the House Resources and Conservation Committee agreed to pass a bill that would ban the use of such targets on all of Idaho’s public lands.

Dave Hanneman knew he wanted to be a firefighter when he was 8 years old. As a child, he watched “Emergency!” — a television show that followed the exploits of two emergency responders working as firefighters and emergency technicians.

BOISE — The Senate Education Committee voted Wednesday to kill the controversial sexual education bill, proposed by Rep. Barbara Ehardt, R-Idaho Falls, requiring parents to opt in their children to sex-ed classes.

BOISE — Sen. Fred Martin, R-Boise, on Wednesday introduced what he said is a “compromise” bill to add “sideboards” to Medicaid expansion, with his version including a voluntary “pathways to employment” program for patients.

BOISE — A bill to put some regulations on Idaho bail enforcement agents for the first time is headed to the House floor.

About 60 years ago, a climber was someone who climbed most any kind of rock or mountain — outside. In today’s world of climbing, specialization has taken hold and someone can legitimately claim to be a climber and never scale anything higher than a one-story house — inside.

BOISE — A Senate committee voted Monday to block a bill that would have required child protective services workers to inform parents of their legal rights before interviewing them.

Kedrick Starr had been clean and sober for 335 days when a judge in January sentenced him to a rider term in prison. He’d spent 90 days at an inpatient drug rehabilitation facility where the staff made him a mentor to others in the program, he had a job working construction back in the Treas…

Fire Chief Dave Hanneman recently announced that he will retire from the Idaho Falls Fire Department (IFFD) after 36 years in emergency services.