Dave Radford

Dave Radford

Nearly 18 years to the day he started the job, former Bonneville County Commissioner Dave Radford retired Monday morning as his replacement, Jon Walker, was sworn into office.

Radford announced his retirement from his seat in January 2020 when he announced his primary campaign for the Idaho House of Representatives seat 32B against incumbent Rep. Chad Christensen, R-Ammon.

Though Radford lost his bid for the House, he said he was proud of his time as commissioner.

“I feel like I’m one of the luckiest men in the world,” Radford said. He said the growth of Bonneville County has been a point of pride for him as he looks back on his time in office.

Radford first took office as a county commissioner on Jan. 6, 2003.

Radford said the county had weathered a challenging year in which the nation was hit with a pandemic and protests. Bonneville County had felt like a port in the storm, by comparison.

Radford said he was particularly proud of his efforts to organize the Henry’s Creek Rangeland Fire Protection Association, a team of volunteer firefighters with the Bureau of Land Management that was formed in response to the Henry’s Creek Fire, the largest fire in Bonneville County history that destroyed 60,000 acres of land.

Radford said he will remain a member of the association.

“I think we’re in a pretty good position to fight fires,” Radford said.

Though he had hoped to begin his year as a member of the Idaho House, Radford said he is looking forward to spending more time with his 15 grandchildren.

“I feel good about that,” Radford said. “I hope I can just be a good citizen.”