Bruce Patterson

Bruce Patterson serves as the technology director for the city of Ammon.

The Ammon City Council officially finalized work on the city’s second fiber district during its Thursday meeting and initiated work on a third district for next year.

Ammon has been expanding its fiber network through local improvement districts, or LIDs, that divide the expansion into specific neighborhoods. The council listened to two complaints at its meeting from residents in LID 2 with questions about their fiber setups and helped resolve them before voting to finalize the rates being charged in the district.

“What we’re doing here is saying this is the final amount and this is what will be assessed,” city fiber manager Bruce Patterson said during the meeting.

The complaints heard during the council meeting did not have financial repercussions for the city. One citizen questioned how the network would connect from his garage to his computers and city resident Matthew Queen asked when the installation of his partially-finished cables would be finished.

“I just checked on the way here and there’s nothing in the conduit. But I received a letter saying the price will be assessed, so I’m concerned,” Queen said.

A resolution passed by the council established the creation and boundaries of LID 3, consisting of Hawks Landing, Bridgewater, Centennial Ranch and the neighborhoods at Brookfield Lane and Wanda Street. Patterson estimated that the lines installed in the district would pass 511 homes and the city expected more than half of those residents to connect to the fiber once it was available.

The council also issued notice for a public hearing about the creation of the new district at its Jan. 3 meeting and invited public comment at the meeting. The city will accept written comments from residents before Jan. 3 as well.

In other business, the council voted 5-1 to approve plans for Shangrila Homes, a new subdivision on Ammon Road with two condominium-style attached homes and three stand-alone homes. The city also discussed the new water rates being proposed for unmetered homes in the city and two grants for construction projects that city officials had submitted.

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