Hand holding lit sparkler with American Flag

Ammon plans to host the only large fireworks show in Bonneville County on the Fourth of July.

The fireworks will be set off from an undisclosed location in the city beginning at 10 p.m. that night. The city of Ammon is organizing the show and has put in place safety efforts from the city Fire Department but the event is sponsored and fully paid for by C-A-L Ranch Stores and Westmark Credit Union.

"This Fourth of July is going to be a little different for many folks in the area, and they are looking forward to having those fireworks. The celebration is about the unity of this nation," C-A-L Ranch spokesman Jason Miller said.

Ammon Mayor Sean Coletti said he and the city council were approached by C-A-L Ranch about hosting the event more than a month ago. The fireworks company the city was working with had shown officials a virtual model of the show to see how different neighborhoods would be able to watch the show, with the goal of letting as many people as possible watch from home.

"People may decide to sit together and watch in different locations, but if the main site is undisclosed then we will not be encouraging large groups of people to gather in any particular location," Coletti said.

The secret launch site was selected to allow for as large of a display as possible while trying to avoid large crowds and reducing the fire risk for homes and businesses. All 30 full-time and paid call firefighters in the Ammon Fire Department will be working that night and the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office will be working to manage traffic during the show.

This will be the first time that Ammon has hosted a major fireworks display for the holiday. Several long-running fireworks displays have been canceled for the holiday over concerns about large crowds forming and risking the spread of the coronavirus, including the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration held in Idaho Falls and the displays put on by Bingham Healthcare in Blackfoot and Pocatello.

This will not be the first major event held in Ammon this summer. Ammon held a summer kickoff party for the McCowin Park pool on June 27 and will have a public flag-raising ceremony at the City Hall in the morning of July 4. Coletti said that while social distancing was still a factor for those events, the number of people that could be drawn to the fireworks this year made reducing crowd sizes especially important.

Music to accompany the fireworks will be played on 100.3 and 100.7 FM during the event. Westmark and C-A-L Ranch are also giving away free sparklers to people who come into their southeast Idaho locations, with recommendations they are lit to coincide with the fireworks show.

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