fur auction

Items up for bid during a past fur auction held by Idaho Fish and Game.

The annual Idaho Fish and Game fur auction has returned after taking last year off because of the pandemic.

This year’s auction of furs, hides and antlers has been moved online and will be run through an online auction service beginning March 1 and ending April 9.

Buyers will be able to inspect items by looking at photos of items offered in the auction. In past auctions, items were available for inspection in person.

“Potentially more people will have access to bid on items, but you will only see them in photos,” said James Brower, regional communications manager with Fish and Game. “That shouldn’t make too much difference with antlers, but could with determining the quality of the furs.”

All of the auction items were either found, seized as evidence or salvaged by Fish and Game. All carcasses are considered unfit for human consumption and are sold for use of the non-edible portions only, Fish and Game said in a news release. Antlers may be sold as small bundles by weight or as single sets attached to skull plates. Some restrictions are placed on certain items.

“A taxidermist-furbuyer license is required in advance to bid on bear parts, mountain lion parts, or any furbearer,” Fish and Game said. “Anyone who buys or sells raw hides is also required to possess a taxidermist-furbuyer license. Resident licenses are $40 for one year, and nonresident licenses are $187. The licenses can be purchased at any Idaho Fish and Game office.”

People who have killed an animal illegally and had the animal confiscated and put up for auction may not buy that animal at the auction, nor can others buy the animal for them.

Items for this year’s auction will be held at Fish and Game’s Southeast Regional Office in Pocatello. Winning bidders can pick up their items at that office.

“Every region in the state will send items for the auction,” Brower said. “Each year the regions in the state take turns hosting the fur auction.”

For specifics on how the online auction will work, go to primetimeauctions.com/buy.php.