A Backcountry Adventure Workshop Series is being held this month to teach adventurers to make wise decisions, avoid trouble with big critters and watch out for nasty weather.

Sponsored by Backcountry Zero and Teton County Search and Rescue, the three workshops will be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, May 21 and May 28. Courses are scheduled for an hour and a half. Classes will be held at Teton County Search and Rescue, 300 South Batch Plant Road, Jackson, Wyo.

“In this new three-week series you’ll have a chance to learn practical tools and skills to apply to your summer backcountry adventures,” the organizations said in a news release.

Tuesday's class features the “Psychology & Neuroscience of Backcountry Decision Making” with MindStrength founder Ryan Burke.

The May 21 class is titled “Lions & Moose & Bears Oh My! How to Behave in Big Game Country” taught by Grand Teton National Park Bear Management Specialist Kate Wilmot.

The May 28 class will cover lightning and summer weather with Jim Woodmencey, a forecaster for

One workshop is $15 or all three is $35. Pre-registration is required.

Go to Backcountry Adventure Workshop Series on Facebook to register.

Backcountry Zero is a program of Teton County Search and Rescue to reduce fatalities in the backcountry.

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