The Broadway

The Broadway is seen on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020.

Idaho Falls downtown has continued to shine with major face-lifts and new buildings along Broadway Street.

With projects started in the spring of 2019, Broadway corridor from Memorial Drive to North Yellowstone Avenue has a new look with modern buildings and sidewalk replacements.

“We are confident that the Broadway sidewalk improvements will result in a more welcoming environment for all who visit downtown,” said Mayor Rebecca Casper.

The sidewalks, curb and gutters were replaced by JM Concrete company and existing planter boxes were replaced with new above-ground flower planters. Older, root-bound trees were removed and replaced with healthier trees. The project also includes decorative pavers and new decorative lighting. A water drip-line irrigation system was installed as well.

The project was funded by three sources. The Idaho Falls Redevelopment Agency provided a $525,000 grant to the Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation in the fall of 2018. The corporation matched the grant with $50,000. Idaho Falls Power also provided funding to replace the lighting along the Broadway corridor.

Lee Radford, chairman of the Redevelopment Agency, said: “The renovation of the Broadway streetscape completes (the Redevelopment Agency's) effort, by ensuring that all of the entries into downtown act together to strengthen historic downtown Idaho Falls and increase its property values.”

At the same time, all the corners in the downtown area were upgraded with new concrete and planter boxes.

“It was wonderful because we had both of those projects happening,” said Catherine Smith, executive director of the Downtown Development Corporation.

With a new complex of buildings at the corner of Memorial Drive and Broadway, businesses are occupying fancy digs where once an old grocery store stood.

“It’s a really beautiful development down there,” Smith said. “We got Lucy’s (pizza parlor), Smoking Fins (restaurant), a new tenant called Select Health, the Bank of Idaho is on the second and third floor, and Parsons Behle & Latimer law firm is there.”

Smith said there are a few open spaces still available that have received a lot of attention. “I think in the next six months we’ll see those spaces filled,” she said.

One bonus with the new building has been the addition of more downtown parking.

“We’ve added 50 spaces underneath and 22 spaces up top,” she said. “That’s been an exciting talking point when we talk about development.”