Wild horses were released back to the Challis wild horse management area earlier this month.

The Bureau of Land Management Challis Field Office recently released 61 wild horses back onto public land after the mares were treated with a fertility control vaccine.

The BLM said 52 wild horse stallions and nine mares were released earlier this month onto the Challis Wild Horse Herd Management Area after they were gathered in early November. The November operation gathered 295 horses during a seven-day roundup using helicopters and capture pens.

“There will be about 70 animals offered for adoption at the Challis Off-Range Wild Horse Corrals in January,” said Heather Tiel-Nelson, wild horse and burro public affairs specialist. The adoption will continue through February.

Tiel-Nelson said the horses slated for adoption were prepared at the Bruneau Off-Range Wild Horse Corrals in south-central Idaho.

The BLM has nine more mares to be released onto the Challis management area in January “following a fertility control booster vaccination,” Tiel-Nelson said.

A BLM aerial census flight of the management area counted 115 wild horses on the range before the latest release. With those released and others to be released, the BLM plans to keep the overall numbers at 185. Before the roundup, estimates put the number at 429 horses on the Challis management area.

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