More craft burger choices are coming to Idaho Falls this summer. Burger Theory, which will be located inside the Holiday Inn & Suites at the Jackson Hole Junction, will have a variety of different burgers and other menu items. Containing a full-service menu and bar, the restaurant is planning to be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

With a red, black and dark wood décor, Burger Theory has a sports bar theme.

“We’ll have different sports packages, so there will be a lot of games going on that people might not get at home,” said Joe Ziegler, general manager of both the Idaho Falls Burger Theory and Holiday Inn & Suites.

Burger Theory is a chain-within-a-chain franchise exclusive to Holiday Inn. Burger Theory is an InterContinental Hotels Group brand. InterContinental Hotels Group is Holiday Inn’s parent company. Burger Theory has locations throughout the U.S., including a location in the Nampa Holiday Inn, which opened in the summer of 2017.

Its signature offering is the “Create-Your-Own burger,” which offers 4,320 burger combinations.

“It’s really good food. We bring in a high enough quality beef that you can order your burger like a steak. If you want a medium-rare burger, we can make it that way. Other places have been getting nervous to serve more rare burgers because they don’t know what’s in it,” Ziegler said.

In addition to burgers, the Idaho Falls Burger Theory will also offer appetizers, salads, desserts, and a select few non-burger entrees. According to Ziegler, its most popular appetizer is the nacho fries. Burger Theory desserts, known as “sweet jars,” are served in mason jars.

The restaurant will also be available to cater to guests renting out the hotel’s 4,600-square-foot event center. The Holiday Inn & Suites is near completion with plans to open this spring. It will have 108 guest rooms, swimming pools and conference rooms.

And, while located inside the hotel, Burger Theory will have its own separate entrance.

“It’s not just for hotel guests. Our goal is to have the best burgers in the area. We’re getting really excited about opening,” Ziegler said.

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