REXBURG — On Saturday, the Rexburg Police were called to a plane crash at the Rexburg Madison County Airport.

According to FAA Public Affairs Manager Ian Gregor, the pilot departed from the Rexburg airport and returned with three passengers. The plane veered off of the runway after landing, struck a fence and consequently flipped over.

According to other local media sources, it is said that the plane crashed through a fence near the Rexburg Municipal Golf Course.

According to Gregor, there were three passengers. None were injured but the plane suffered serious damage.

Gregor said the plane was a Piper PA12. According to the FAA online registry, it is owned by Gary D. Summers and the plane was certified on Dec. 15, 2014.

The FAA and the NTSB are currently investigating the accident.

The Standard Journal will continue to cover this story as more information becomes available. 


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