REXBURG — A fatal crash that took place early this morning has caused the temporary closure of East and West ID 33 between Highway 20 and 5000 East for several hours.

Madison County Sheriff’s Deputy Isaac Payne said law enforcement is diverting all traffic to side roads and will do so for the next several hours due to a crash between an SUV and a semi-tractor trailer.

Payne said he is currently at the scene of the accident. He said the semi was on Highway 33 at about milepost 100 when the accident occurred. He said that there was an Idaho Transportation camera at the scene that caught the whole thing on tape. The SUV was approaching from North Salem headed toward Highway 33, but it seems that the SUV didn’t stop at at stop sign and ran into the side of the semi.

The truck driver sustained minor injuries but the SUV driver died at the scene. The name of the driver has not been released because next of kin has not been notified yet.

The footage also has not been released because the investigation in ongoing, and it will take several hours for law enforcement to go over the tape.

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