The company that manages waste cleanup at the Department of Energy’s desert site is offering buyouts to up to 50 employees.

Fluor Idaho announced the Targeted Voluntary Separation Program on Friday. People who are accepted to take part will leave their jobs Feb. 18.

Exempted from the offer, however, are people working in support of the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project, which is processing old transuranic waste before it is shipped to New Mexico for permanent storage. Work on that project is expected to be done later this year, and the future of the roughly 700 employees there is uncertain.

This is the first voluntary separation program the contractor has initiated since taking over the cleanup contract in 2016. There will be no involuntary layoffs tied to this action, Fluor said in a news release. Fluor said the action “is not driven by funding or headcount.”

“Fluor Idaho is offering a targeted voluntary separation program to allow the company to make necessary skill realignments within several work groups,” the news release said.

About 1,600 people work at Fluor Idaho.

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