Idaho Falls Fiber officials announced the next phase of their pilot program Monday, allowing residents to opt into the system for the first time.

The city launched a new website,, to provide information on the pilot program and help interested people connect their homes to the network. The website includes a map of the areas included in the pilot and a way for residents to see if their home is eligible. After signing up for the pilot, customers will also handle their billing through the website.

The pilot program covers three residential neighborhoods across Idaho Falls and provides four different internet providers for residents to choose from when they sign up. Residents who live in those neighborhoods and interested in testing the service can sign up through the website or by calling Idaho Falls Fiber at 208-612-8725.

Idaho Falls Fiber will send technicians to meet people who decide to join the network to physically connect their homes to the fiber line and begin providing internet service.

The Idaho Falls City Council first approved the pilot for the high-speed, fiber-optic network in September and finished laying the main section of the fiber optic cables earlier this year. City spokesman Bud Cranor said Idaho Falls Fiber had already accepted requests from residents who wanted to join the network.

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