bear creek

Horses haul in supplies for trail work on the Bear Creek Trail completed in 2020.

The Palisades Ranger District of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest is seeking grants to expand a boat ramp, work on trails and purchase a snowmobile for several recreation projects in the coming year.

The district is submitting grant applications to the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation to use some of the $7 million available for outdoor recreation upkeep, according to a Forest Service news release.

“Last year funding from the Off-Road Motor Vehicle Fun was used to repair the popular Bear Creek Trail by installing new bridges and rerouting 1 mile of trail annually impacted by spring water flow,” said Colby Jacobson, recreation manager for the Palisades District. “This project was supported by amazing community members and organizations who spent hours of volunteer time working on the trail.”

This year the Palisades District hopes to use the grant money to expand the Big Elk Creek boat ramp, do trail maintenance for motorized and non-motorized trails throughout the district, purchase or replace a snowmobile used to groom snowmobile trails, and install 50-inch restrictor barriers on motorized trails to keep out larger side-by-side and full-sized vehicles.

For information on the projects or to comment, contact Jacobson at 208-542-5812 or email