SKY VU Drive-In

The Sky Vu Drive-In is seen from South Tourist Park on Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2020. The property has been sold and will become a RV resort.

The former Sky Vu Theatre will soon be transformed into an entirely new business after its recent purchase by Idaho Falls local Zach Teichert.

Teichert plans to turn the former drive-in movie theater into an recreational vehicle resort. It will cater to travelers with large rigs and short stays, rather than long-term rentals. He hopes to be able to open it by late summer or fall of 2021.

“Each spot will be paved and most will be larger pull-through sites. We will have a general store, bathrooms, laundry room, and pickleball courts for our guests. Another feature is our guests will have direct access to the greenbelt,” said Teichert.

Teichert believes Idaho Falls, as the last major town on the way to Yellowstone and Jackson, is an ideal location for an RV resort.

“When we saw this property available, we felt really strongly that this is where we needed to be. It’s close to the I-15 and that area is continuing to be developed with Jackson Hole Junction on the other side of the river,” Teichert said.

The Sky Vu’s location along the river was especially appealing to Teichert.

“Whenever we have family or friends come into the area we always spend time on the greenbelt. It’s such a great feature, and I love the city’s plan to continue to develop and clean it up, and we are just really happy to be a part of it,” he said.

He is hopeful that his new RV resort will benefit the whole town.

“The tourism and travel industry in Idaho Falls continues to grow and help stimulate the economy and we believe an RV Park like this can help as well. Where our focus is typically on those larger more expensive rigs those owners tend to have a lot of expendable income, and we want them to not only stay here in Idaho Falls but spend money with other businesses in the area,” Teichert said.

The Sky Vu Theatre, sister theater to the Motor Vu, first opened as a 500-car drive-in movie theater in June 1950. Its opening week, it played The Three Musketeers, The Man from Colorado, The Big Sombrero and Rusty Saves a Life. The Sky Vu continued operating until 2015.

Much of the Sky Vu equipment is still on the property. Teichert is has made a unique offer to the community: anyone who can take the items by February 2021 can have them for free. These items include a used drive-in theater screen, movie house, fountain drink machine, ticket office, miscellaneous signs and electrical fixtures. Any items still there by February will most likely be torn down and scrapped.

“I think it (would) be great if someone else could put it to use,” Teichert said.

Those interested can call Teichert at 775-455-2124.