operation dry water

Grand Teton National Park rangers will be conducting Operation Dry Water this holiday weekend.

Grand Teton National Park rangers will be conducting Operation Dry Water during the holiday weekend July 3 through 5 in hopes of promoting safe boating and education.

“Rangers will also perform lake and river patrols to increase the awareness about the dangers of boating under the influence of alcohol,” the park said in a news release. “Alcohol use is the leading contributing factor in recreational boating deaths in the United States. It is illegal to operate a vessel with a blood alcohol concentration level of .08 or higher.”

Rangers also will conduct boat safety inspections on all park waters including Jackson Lake, the Snake River and other lakes. The park will be checking for personal floatation devices for each person on board, a sound-making device such as an air horn or whistle, navigation lights, a throwable floatation device and fire extinguishers for motorized vessels. Persons under the age of 12 must wear a personal floatation device at all times while underway.

The park said rangers conducted more than 75 boating inspections last year resulting in “numerous warnings, with some citations and termination of voyages issued.”

Boaters are also reminded that three stickers are needed before launching in park waters: A park boat permit, a state of Wyoming aquatic invasive species decal and an aquatic invasive species inspection.

“Everyone boating and recreating on Jackson Lake should respect other recreationists,” the park said. “Boaters on the lake have many different interests, including fishing, wildlife watching, access to wilderness, and water sports. Music should be kept to a reasonable volume and adequate space given to other boats.”