Boundary bouys were blown out of place and frozen recently at Henry's Lake near the Hatchery Creek inlet.

Heads-up Henry’s Lake ice anglers, Mother Nature is up to her tricks and she could get you into trouble.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game reported that overnight winds on the lake moved several buoys marking the no-fishing zone boundary around Hatchery Creek. The buoys were pushed closer to shore. Then cold temperatures froze the buoys in the wrong positions. Fishing is not permitted within 100 yards of Hatchery Creek.

James Brower, regional communications manager for Fish and Game, said the water at the inlet of Hatchery Creek typically doesn’t freeze completely because it is moving and nearby ice can be dangerously thin.

“It’s generally not advisable to get too close to the Hatchery Creek inlet, anyways,” he said. “Fish and Game staff are working to place additional buoys at the boundary until the originals can be retrieved safely.”

Brower said it is the angler’s responsibility to ensure they are abiding by the fishing closure.

Brower said recent reports show anglers boasting a lot of success catching fish through the ice at Henry’s Lake.

“They may not be catching really big fish, but they’re catching a lot of fish,” he said.