SALEM — At approximately 7 a.m. Tuesday law enforcement descended on Chad Daybell’s property. They started digging shortly afterwards. Officers with shovels and hoes could be seen in aerial shots. As the day went on, they brought backhoes and tents to the scene. The digging seemed to be focused on two spots in particular.

The search warrant was for the 200 block of 1900 East in Fremont County. A police perimeter of around one mile was set up on the roads around the Daybell home.

At approximately 11:30 a.m., Chad Daybell was put in handcuffs and driven away by police. He was found at a second location three miles away on North Salem Road. Rexburg Assistant Police Chief Gary Hagen confirmed that Daybell had been taken into custody for questioning.

Shortly after 12 p.m., Tylee Ryan’s aunt, Annie Cushing, reported that she had been notified by a victim’s advocate that remains had been found and an anthropologist was currently on scene.

“I just got a call from the victim’s advocate. Human remains were found on the property. They don’t know whose. An anthropologist is on the scene working with investigators,” Cushing wrote on Facebook.

Hagen later confirmed at a press conference that remains had been found. Hagen declined to comment on the identity of the remains or how many bodies the remains included.

Hagen said there will be a press conference at a later date where more information will be released.

Chad Daybell has been under investigation for months regarding the disappearance of his second wife’s children. Eight-year-old J.J. Vallow and 17-year-old Tylee Ryan were last seen in September. Daybell and the children’s mother, Lori Vallow, fled their Rexburg apartment the day after police attempted to conduct a welfare check on the children. The couple was later found in Hawaii. Vallow was extradited back to Rexburg in March and currently sits in the Madison County jail on a $1 million bail.

This is the second time a search warrant was served on the Daybell property. The first time was on Jan. 3 in relation to Chad’s deceased wife, Tammy Daybell. Rexburg police have said Tammy’s death on Oct. 19 occurred under suspicious circumstances. Chad married Lori Vallow on Nov. 5.

Tammy’s body was later exhumed for forensic examination. Len Humphries, Fremont County sheriff, said Tammy Daybell’s test results have still not come in.

Vallow is currently facing two felony counts of desertion and nonsupport of dependent children as well as misdemeanors involving resisting or obstructing officers, criminal solicitation to commit a crime, and contempt of court.

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