All four members of Idaho’s congressional delegation took to Twitter on Wednesday to condemn the violent takeover of the U.S. Capitol by rioters, which forced the halting of the certification of the presidential election results and the evacuation of both the House and the Senate.

Here’s what each tweeted out:

SEN. MIKE CRAPO: “The violence we are seeing at the Capitol is wholly unacceptable. It must be stopped immediately and all perpetrators prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. God bless the Capitol Police, National Guard and other law enforcement on the scene here and at other sites.”

SEN. JIM RISCH: “This nonsense and violence needs to stop now.”

2nd DISTRICT REP. MIKE SIMPSON: “We have a constitutional right to peaceful protests but the clashes with police and destruction of property must stop now. We can disagree in a better way.”

1st DISTRICT REP. RUSS FULCHER: “I will always respect our citizens’ First Amendment rights — and the rule of law. The violence seen today, and this past summer, is unacceptable. It does not move us closer to solutions.”

Betsy Z. Russell is the Boise bureau chief and state capitol reporter for the Idaho Press and Adams Publishing Group. Follow her on Twitter at @BetsyZRussell.