Nolen Elam


(Editor's note: The charges against Nolen Elam were dismissed Aug. 4, 2020.)

An Idaho Falls man who reportedly held his victim’s throat closed for 10 seconds after accusing her of infidelity has been charged with attempted strangulation.

Nolen Elam, age 29, reportedly attacked the victim Tuesday night after accusing her of attempting to “cheat” on him with his coworker, according to the affidavit of probable cause. The victim denied the accusation to the responding officer, saying the argument had started because she wanted a divorce.

According to the victim, after she brought up divorce, Elam threatened to kill her, kill himself and “rip her guts out.” The victim said she then tried to avoid Elam for the rest of the night “because he had been drinking heavily.”

Elam allegedly then got on top of her and choked her for approximately 10 seconds, counting out “one thousand one, one thousand two.” The victim reported the choking as having “completely shut off her air supply.” Elam then reportedly released her and got out his gun. He began walking around the home with the firearm pointed at his head, the victim said.

The victim then called the police. An officer from the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office responded to the home at approximately 11 p.m. Finding Elam on the street upon arrival, the officer placed Elam in handcuffs, patted him for weapons and put him in the patrol vehicle.

The responding officer reported that Elam “the whole time was saying that he hadn’t done anything wrong and that he supported Blue Lives Matter.” Elam denied both harming the victim and putting a gun to his head.

The officer photographed “some redness” on the victim’s neck and chest.

Elam was charged on Wednesday for one felony count of attempted strangulation. If found guilty, he faces up to 15 years in prison or a $50,000 fine. A bond has been set for $2,500.