Maynard, a feral cat caught by the Idaho Falls Animal Shelter, shows off his clipped left ear Dec. 4.

An ordinance that will require many cat owners to get licenses for their pets will become law.

The Idaho Falls City Council unanimously passed the updates to the animal ordinance Thursday night.

Cat owners, like dog owners, are now required to get a $10 yearly license for an animal that is spayed or neutered. It is $30 a year for an animal that isn’t fixed. However, cats that are both fixed and microchipped are exempt from licensing requirements.

The update also makes some technical changes to the language of the ordinance and requires people to buy animal licenses every year rather than every three years.

The changes will give the city a better idea of how many cats there are in the city, which cats have owners, and also get cat owners to pay some animal control costs that are solely being shouldered by dog owners now, Animal Services Supervisor Irene Brown said earlier this week.

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