I-15 Northgate interchange

Construction on the Northgate Interchange on Interstate 15 continues with left lanes on both north- and south-bound roads closed for the work.

Idaho Transportation Department officials are reminding drivers to be attentive and cautious in work zones.

Megan Stark, ITD’s public information specialist for Districts 5 and 6, urges drivers to slow down, pay attention to signs, be more aware of what is happening around them and watch out for workers.

“The whole point is to get everybody home safely and to their destinations safely,” she said, adding that that includes road construction crews that want to make it home to their families, too.

Stark said there are several big projects taking place in eastern Idaho this summer, many of which are underway. Here’s a closer look at some of those projects and areas where drivers will need to be especially cautious in the months ahead:

I-15 McCammon Road reconstruction

Crews are rebuilding the stretch of road between McCammon and Inkom. Stark said that project is underway and is expected to continue through Memorial Day.

I-15 Rose Road Interchange

Crews are widening the overpass, reconfiguring interchange ramps and replacing two canal structures, according to itdprojects.org. They began working on the project near Blackfoot in October and should finish up this fall, Stark said.

I-15 Northgate Interchange

This project is meant to reduce congestion on I-86 and I-15 and accommodate future growth northeast of Pocatello and Chubbuck, according to itdprojects.org. Stark said they began constructing the new interchange near Chubbuck in October and the project is expected to continue through the fall.

I-15 Dubois to Spencer ballast stabilization

Crews are reconstructing the road between Dubois and Spencer, Stark said. Work is underway and will continue through the fall.

US 20 Ashton Hill to Dumpground Road

Crews are reconstructing the road north of Ashton, Stark said. That project will begin in June and continue through the fall.

US-30 Georgetown Summit to Nounan Road Reconstruction

Crews will begin reconstructing the road near Soda Springs in May and continue working into early fall, Stark said.

I-15/SH-33 Weigh-in-Motion

Crews are installing Weigh-in-Motion technology for northbound and southbound I-15 and eastbound and westbound SH-33. The project affects the Sage Junction Port of Entry near Rexburg, Stark said, adding that the technology will alert truck drivers if they need to stop.

US-20 Lorenzo Bridge Repair

This project, which will begin in May and continue through the fall, is located near the Jefferson and Madison county lines. Stark said they are making an under bridge repair, putting in concrete overlay and paving bridge approaches.

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