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Americans will spend more money on the 2019 holiday than any previous Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is Thursday. And if that just reminded you to buy candy and flowers, you're already running late.

Valentine's Day is the busiest time of year for local florists and, while they're prepared for the abundance of orders, they also hope to run out of flowers by the end of the day on Thursday. 

Americans will spend more money — $161.96 per person, on average, and $20.7 billion combined — on the 2019 holiday than any previous Valentine's Day, according to a National Retail Federation survey. 

The most popular items purchased will be candy, greeting cards and flowers. And the most popular shopping destinations will be department stores, discount stores and the internet, the survey found. 

Almost one-third of shoppers will buy their gifts online. Betsy Monson, owner of local Staker Floral, asks that Idaho Falls residents instead choose a local florist.

Monson may be biased — this is her 21st Valentine's Day as a local flower shop owner — but she said flowers bought online are never as good. 

"They don't last as long and they take about a 30 percent service fee," Monson said. "If you use a local flower shop you get 100 percent of what you pay for."

Staker Floral received a shipment of 8,000 roses, an obvious bestseller, last week. The company is offering specials on roses (a dozen roses, including the vase, is $69.95) and lilies. It also sells sweet treats, such as chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries.

Gifts can be delivered the same day as they're ordered, although typically the most popular items run out on Valentine's Day and by 11 a.m. the flower shop usually stops taking delivery orders. 

"We generally do run out of red roses on Valentine's," Monson said. "We want to run out of everything."

Staker Floral charges $6.95 on deliveries within a 5-mile radius of its shop at 1695 Ponderosa Drive. Idaho Falls and Ammon deliveries beyond 5 miles are $9.95. Shelley, Rigby and Blackfoot deliveries are $12.95. And Ririe deliveries are $15.95.

The company hired seasonal workers to do deliveries — 10 drivers will be delivering orders on Thursday. 

The Rose Shop, another local florist, also delivers. Idaho Falls and Ammon deliveries are $8.99 and deliveries to Shelley and Rigby are $14.95 on minimum orders of $65, according to store manager Natalie Adams. 

The Rose Shop — as the name would suggest — sells flowers, as well as gourmet popcorn and chocolate, stuffed animals and gift baskets.

While the average Rose Shop customer will spend about $60, Adams said, "We can really work with about any budget."

The Rose Shop will still be taking delivery orders on Thursday. 

"It's not too late if it's Valentine's Day," Adams said. "Just give us a call."

Reporter Ryan Suppe can be reached at 208-542-6762. Follow him on Twitter: @salsuppe.

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