Parking ordinance

A sign in downtown Idaho Falls informs motorists of a new ordinance that requires them to park their vehicles in a different block after their two-hour time limit has expired.

A new parking ordinance in downtown Idaho Falls is requiring vehicles parked beyond the allotted two-hour time limit to move to a different block.

The Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation announced in a Monday news release that the ordinance is in effect. The agency manages parking in the downtown area.

“A long-standing tradition in downtown for many is to park a vehicle and then move it one spot over all day long throughout the workday and this is a real problem,” said Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation Executive Director Catherine Smith in the release. “This is a much better solution that will help ensure adequate parking is available throughout the day for anyone who visits.”

The ordinance was enacted to ensure parking spaces would be available to patrons and shoppers at downtown businesses during business hours, the release said. Parking citations will be issued to people that violate the ordinance. Limited parking is monitored and enforced Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., holidays excluded. Evening and weekend parking remains free.

To avoid a citation, motorists should drive through another intersection before reparking downtown. A city block is defined as “the parking on one side of the street bordered by an intersection at the other.” After reparking on the next block, the time for that vehicle is reset for a new, free two hours. The ordinance limits motorists to park on a block once per 12 hours, meaning a citation may be issued if a vehicle alternates between two blocks throughout the day.

Parking is enforced using an advanced license plate recognition system installed on a parking enforcement vehicle, the release said. The vehicle drives and makes frequent stops to capture images and does so at a safe speed to avoid doors opening and pedestrian traffic.

Downtown Idaho Falls parking is enforced in a manner to encourage ongoing turnover so spaces are available at any time for patrons to easily find a curbside parking spot, the release said. Motorists can also find a variety of parking lots for off street parking. More details on parking and corresponding maps are available at:

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