Warning traffic sign, Roundabout

You may have noticed over the weekend E. Lincoln Rd. from 25th E. (Hitt Rd.) to 45th E. (Crowley Rd.) is now open with new lanes and roundabouts. The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind motorists to pay extra attention to some of the new changes in traffic patterns through this almost 2 mile stretch of roadway. In particular we would point out the multi-lane roundabouts at 25th E. and at Ammon Rd. that are very much different than before and allow multiple lanes of travel as motorists negotiate through the intersection. There are 3 important things to remember when navigating these new roundabouts:

1 – Slow Down - It’s very important to slow down to the posted speed limit to smoothly and safely travel through, especially with slick winter road conditions.

2 – Yield to ALL lanes inside the roundabout - Before you proceed into the circle, you are required to yield to ALL lanes of traffic. Expect that a vehicle may cross your intended path.

3 – Maintain your lane through the entire roundabout and beyond as you exit - This is crucial to avoid colliding with other vehicles traveling in lanes next to you that expect you to maintain your lane of travel.

Slowing down to the posted speed limit prior to the roundabout, using caution around large trucks and vehicles with trailers, and not stopping in the middle after you’ve entered the roundabout is also a good practice. Expect that larger vehicles like buses and semi-trucks with trailers are long and must make wider turns. These vehicles will sometimes cross multiple lanes and use the truck apron next to the island and it is not safe to travel next to them. As with any intersection and roadway, watch for pedestrians in marked crosswalks and yield appropriately.

Sheriff’s Deputies will be paying extra attention to these areas for traffic and speeding violations. We urge motorists to obey the traffic control devices and speed limit signs and drive safe in order to avoid a citation. Always wear your seat belts, avoid distractions, and pay attention to changing road conditions like snow, and ice. You are responsible for driving safe, obeying the traffic laws, and maintaining control of your vehicle at all times. Please help us maintain the safe flow of traffic for everyone by utilizing safe driving practices.

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