The new clinic location for Bingham Memorial Hospital’s doctors is holding a grand opening Monday night in Idaho Falls.

Comprehensive Care Clinics, located at 3302 Valencia Drive, will operate in partnership between Bingham Healthcare and Eagle Rock Surgery Center. The building will provide a single location offering the widest range of collaborative care between the doctors and nurses of the two facilities.

“We want people to see and feel the quality of the facility for themselves,” Bingham Healthcare spokesman Mark Baker said.

The first floor will contain the first combination operating room and outpatient catheter lab in Idaho Falls. On the second floor, a suite of specialized doctors provide consultations and treatment for chronic conditions ranging from arthritis to renal diseases.

Orthopedic surgeon Nathan Richardson is one of the doctors who will be providing treatment to patients at the new facility, including his first time providing surgery in Idaho Falls instead of at Bingham Memorial Hospital in Blackfoot. He explained that when he had to refer patients to other doctors in the past, it could take weeks for them to schedule a second appointment and they sometimes had to travel to another city in the region to see a specialist.

“When the cardiologist is right around the corner from you, we can walk across the hall and ask them to see the patient right now,” Richardson said.

Richardson also expects that having all the medical elements in the same building would allow lab results and prescriptions to be supplied faster.

The seasonal-themed ribbon cutting and open house event for Comprehensive Care Clinics is being held at 5 p.m. Monday at the clinic. After the opening speeches are given, visitors will be able to tour the building and enjoy food and live events, including guests from the North Pole.

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