Businesses are having to get creative to stay afloat. On Wednesday, Gov. Brad Little signed an emergency stay-at-home order that included the directive that all restaurants and bars close their dining areas. Restaurants are still allowed to sell takeout and delivery.

Abracadabra’s, a local restaurant normally known for its breakfast and lunch menu, has turned its eatery into a temporary store. It is selling items that the restaurant is able to buy in bulk from suppliers. After Little’s announcement, manager Lysa Swain said they received a surge of orders.

According to Swain, this change has allowed the restaurant to both help the community and keep its employees on a payroll.

“It keeps my employees going. We’re doing what we can,” Swain said.

Those interested can purchase everything from 25 pounds of bacon to 50 pounds of all-purpose flour. Smaller amounts of food, such as a dozen eggs or a pound of butter, are available as well. It even has elusive sanitizing products such as peroxide and hand soap can be ordered.

Employees, who just a short time ago were waiters and cooks, are now sorting and packaging inventory. Every corner of Abracadabra’s is piled high with bags of flour and canned goods.

According to Swain, a lot of the products are being sold “at cost or barely above.”

Tuesday was the restaurant’s first day of taking food supply orders. More than 60 people placed orders. Orders can be placed over the phone or in person.

“Hopefully this will alleviate some of the stress for grocery stores … We know people were struggling to find things,” Swain said.

Abracadabra’s is still offering food through takeout and delivery as well.

A full list of food supplies for purchase can be found at