Zachary Raymond


A Rigby man was sentenced to retained jurisdiction on Dec. 18 for having sex with an underage girl.

Zachary Raymond, 22, was arrested last year after an investigation by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office found he was having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl.

Text messages between the two showed they had been planning to meet for sex. Raymond denied he had sent the messages, even after a detective said he had seen them. Raymond admitted to having sex with the victim once but denied other incidents the victim had discussed with investigators. Raymond was charged with lewd conduct with a minor.

District Judge Stevan Thompson gave Raymond an underlying sentence of three to eight years in prison.

Retained jurisdiction, also known as a rider program, is a six-to-12 month program in which inmates must take classes and undergo treatment to reduce their risk of reoffending. The judge reviews their performance after the program and can either release the inmate on probation or sentence them to serve the remainder of the underlying sentence.

Reporter Johnathan Hogan can be reached at 208-542-6746.

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